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"As long as there’s at least one person who understands me, I’ll be okay. "

Ami Kawashima

Ami Kawashima


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Name Kanji 川嶋 亜美 Kawashima Ami
Age 17-18
Gender Female
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Personal Status
Class 2-C
School Ohashi High School
Occupation Student
Relatives Anna Kawashima (mother)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Anime Debut Episode 5
Light Novel Debut Episode 5
Seiyū Eri Kitamura
Voice Actor Erika Harlacher (English)

Ami Kawashima is one of the series' female protagonist. Ami is always kind and generous towards others, though this is merely a deception; in truth, she is a princess and has an arrogant belief in her own cuteness, a trait that she tries to hide from most others. During her first meeting with Taiga, Ami shows her true colors, but the tables are turned when Taiga counterattacks by slapping her. Since then, Ami and Taiga have been frenemies, with Ami becoming one of a few who can tease Taiga at will; and her referring to Ami as 'Stupid Chihuahua'. Ami occasionally sets aside her facade and speaks honestly to Ryuuji, and is aware that she is really dark and twisted. Despite all this, Ami still sometimes envies Taiga since she can always be honest. Ami toys with developing a love interest in Ryuuji, asking him if he would love her real self and give her a second chance. She has a deep understanding of the relationship situation going on between Minori, Ryuuji, Taiga, and herself.


Ami always wants people to see her as a simple, beautiful, sweet girl and is always kind and generous towards others, though this is merely a deception. In truth, she is arrogant and will not hesitate to use abusive language towards others. She even tries to make amends if anyone sees her true personality as she is insecure about her dual personalities. Ami is also seen as actually pretty clever, as she saw through Taiga, Ryuuji and Minori's romantic attraction to each other. She is shown dropping and hinting clues on them, trying to tell them indirectly about their situation to not hurt them.


Ami is gifted with natural beauty and has wide violet eyes with long straight blue hair. She is 165cm tall. She goes to the gym readily and maintains a slim figure, which she likes to show. Ami is usually seen wearing the Ohashi high normal uniform. Otherwise, she wear casual outfits that suits her model image.


Ami is Yusaku's childhood friend and is the daughter of a famous actress, Anna Kawashima. Ami transfers into class midway through their second year of high school. She is very beautiful and even works as a famous fashion model and is seen as the mature one of the group. After she transfers schools she temporarily stops modeling. However, she still continues to go to the gym readily and maintains a slim figure.


First Meeting Arc

After accidently spilling Ryuuji's drink on herself, Ryuuji offers to clean Taiga's dress if they go to the restaurant where Minori works.  But when they get there they find out that she had her day off that day. As they are looking at fashion magazine, Taiga notices that a girl coming into the resturant is pictured in the magazine, a model. To their surprise Yusaku is also there with Ami and tells them that they are childhood friends and she has come to visit for a while. Ami seems innocent, kind, polite, and a self-proclaimed airhead; but Taiga learns she only acts that way to get what she wants. Ami begins taunting Taiga to the point that Taiga slaps her.  Seeing Yusaku and Ryuuji coming she starts crying. Yusaku apologizes for what happens and takes Ami home. The next day they find out that Ami will be in their school, even in their very class.

With Taiga's habit of referring to different people disparagingly as dogs, Ami soon earns the nickname "Stupid Chihuahua" ('baka-chi').

Ami's stalker Arc

Ryuuji and Taiga were going home together, until Ami found them. Ami is being followed by a stalker, but refuses to let Taiga and Ryuuji know, simply saying that someone is following her and it's a normal thing for models like her. Ami insists to stay at Ryuuji's place. But, Taiga made her choose between a high-rise apartment with high security or a old-rental house with low security. Ami chose the high-rise condiminuim which made Taiga smirk. Taiga says then Ami's staying at her house that night. Ami refuses for a bit, but then agreed and followed Taiga on her way to her apartment. At Taiga's apartment, Taiga offers Ami an orange juice, saying that it's good for her throat. Taiga threatens Ami and made her impersonate over 100 people.

Ski Field Trip Arc

Ami brings up the topic of Ryuuji's rejection by Minori, and the two get angry at each other. Minori tells Ami that she shouldn't judge her because the other couldn't see or read her heart and Ami tells Minori that she was really good at faking.

The next day, Taiga and Minori accidentally run into Ami on their sled. Ami feels that they did it on purpose because of last night's argument and engages in a physical fight with Minori. Minori drops her hairpin on a nearby slope and Taiga goes to search for it by herself, but ends up falling down without the others noticing. When Taiga does not return, Yūsaku, Minori, and Ryūji search for her. Ryūji contemplates his feelings for Taiga as he realizes he left her alone again. Ryūji finds her at the bottom of a hill, bleeding and covered in snow. As Ryūji carries her back, a barely conscious Taiga thinking that he is Yūsaku, apologizes and confesses that she cannot stop loving Ryūji. Ryuji tells Yusaku later on to lie for him and say that it was Yusaku who saved Taiga instead of him.


Ryuuji Takasu Edit

When they first meet, Ami pretends to be kind to Ryuuji but later she shows him her true personality. Ami liked teasing Ryuuji every time she had the chance because she found Ryuuji interesting. Ami's intrigue to Ryuuji begins to develop romantic feelings towards him.

Ami always drops her facade when she sees Ryuuji and feels like she could be her true self when she's around him. Ryuuji and her always talk in Ami's "usual spot" , the spot between the two vending machines. Ryuuji accepts Ami's true nature so Ami once stated to him, "As long as one person understands me, I'll be fine. Even if it's not the romantic way."

She clearly understands Taiga's and Minori's feelings though and chooses not to get romatically involved. She often drops hints for Ryuuji to not play "House" or not play "Daddy" as Minori often acts out as Taiga's mother and Ryuuji as Taiga's father. Ami is well aware that by continuing this, someone would be bound to get hurt. Ami is the first person Ryuuji confessed to when he realized he loves Taiga. 

By the end of the series, she remained good friends with Ryuuji and supports Ryuuji and Taiga's relationship.

Taiga Aisaka Edit

Initially, Ami and Taiga are seen as mortal enemies and spend every bit of their time fighting. Ami envies Taiga because of her personality and how she can remain true to herself. Ami often teases Taiga about her height, which clearly annoys Taiga. Ami also earned the nickname "Stupid Chiuaua" from Taiga.  Ami is also shown sympathetic towards Taiga, often helping her if she asks. This is shown when she helps Taiga on the school's fair, promising her to switch roles when her father arrives. Ami understand the situation between Taiga, Minori and Ryuuji but is not shown dropping hints on Taiga, unlike what she does on Minori and Ryuuji. 

Ami and Taiga began to become friends at the near end of the series. They also started to be fond of one another. 

Minori Kushieda Edit

The two don't get along very well either, as they both have opposite personalities. Ami is a model and is somewhat arrogant and mean to others while Minori is a quirky kind girl who is the head of the softball team. Minori also does not approve of a person who calls them self as an air-head. Ami also drops hints for Minori on her relationship with Taiga and Ryuuji, with the intention of trying to avoid any hurt feelings.

Minori was the first out of the group to realize Ami is mature, saying it is because she works with adults.

They had a fight in the Ski Trip arc, where they argue about Minori's relationship with Ryuuji. Ami then brings up the topic of Ryuuji's rejection by Minori, and the two get angry at each other. Minori tells Ami that she shouldn't judge her because the other couldn't see or read her heart and Ami tells Minori that she was really good at faking. Minori gets pissed at Ami, they argue again. The next day, Taiga and Minori accidentally run into Ami on their sled. Ami feels that they did it on purpose because of last night's argument and engages in a physical fight with Minori. 

Ami was really pissed at Minori because she rejected Ryuuji, and also the fact that Minori was lying to her own feelings and to eveyone. But after that, Minori and Ami becomes friendly with each other and becomes good friends by the end of the series.

Yusaku Kitamura Edit

It was told that they were both childhood friends even before Ami's first appearance. Although he is well aware of Ami's true nature, he does mention in episode 5 that he wants others to know her true nature and still like  her.

Maya KiharaEdit

Maya decided to hang out with Ami because Ami is a childhood friend of Yusaku and is also a model, making her popular at school. Maya and Ami has a common interest in certain things. Maya, Nanako and Ami also often hangs out and drinks coffee after school. Maya only knows Ami's facade that she shows to most students of the school, Maya isn't aware of Ami's "true self".


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  • Ami and Sumire have both strong resemblance on each other as they both have blue hair, both are close to Yuusaku, and both have a cold personality.
  • Ami bears a slight resemblance to Kibitsu Momoko of Ookami To Shichinin No Nakama-tachi.
  • Ami, along with Taiga and Minori, make a cameo in Ookami To Shichinin No Nakamatachi.
  • She worked as a model but as she says temporarily stops exerting a model; this as it feels terrorized by a stalker that follows at all times. Anyway, going to the gym and still maintains a slim figure.

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