Some of the thoughts and feelings which Takemiya Yuyuko wishes to relay to her readers.


While typing this postscript I’m thinking, “Isn’t this PC incredibly dirty?”

I’ve got a cold, and can’t stop coughing and sneezing. My monitor and keyboard, right in front of me, are getting the cold virus every time I blow on them. And look at me! Grabbing and eating bread with my hands contaminated from the keyboard… I’m amazed.

Now, for all the wonderful fans of "Toradora Spinoff 2!" Thank you very much for having taken it (and read it)! I expect we be meeting again shortly, on schedule, with "Toradora 10!" Thank you for your continued interest!

With this schedule to meet, it is not a good time to catch a cold ... I am in a sad state. Until I reached twenty-five years of age, if I felt I was "coming down with a cold", I could get better by the next morning if I got enough sleep that night. But recently, I can’t stop it at "coming down with a cold". Whatever medicine I drink, however much I sleep, whatever I eat, whatever vitamin supplements I take, ... I get sick 100% of the time. And in spite of serious relaxation, I don’t get better. I go to the hospital, but don’t get better. For at least three whole days, I feel unable to manage life in this world.

In the past this would not be ... and until the third year in high school, I, too, had the energy to run around in bloomers. (In that long lost time, bloomers were still OK in public.) Now, I think that if I were to wear bloomers while rolling on the floor-mat, I would catch my death of cold. Mainly for social reasons ... or perhaps because of those bloomers.

Why would I only wear that sort of pants while quietly exercising? When I was an ordinary, medium sized school-girl, the gymnastics festival became a meeting of about 500 bloomer-clad bottoms, something which I now think was a madhouse. Even though all that was only twelve years ago, somehow it feels strangely distant from the present. Twelve years...? The time it takes for a newborn to become a sixth-grader...?

Setting old memories aside, I must have a weakened immune system. Ha! I want to spend my time happy, since I have heard that laughing strengthens your immune system. But when I look up, those cursed words (the AK-47 pun from before) come into view.

Oh, I'm frozen. Looking back seriously and reflecting on the joke I wrote, I am thrilled.

Now then, everybody! I truly thank you very much for sticking with us to the end! Next, on to editing "Toradora 10!" I am determined to grind this cold virus to dust, while praying for my fans to receive and enjoy this book.

And, at the present time (January 2009), Zekkyou-sensei’s manga is being serialized, and the anime is being televised. Both works, from the author’s point of view, are top-notch. By all means please check them out!

Takemiya Yuyuko

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