GOOD END (90 points)

Follow through as if going for Taiga's Normal End all the way up to the choice after talking Sumire into going to the planetarium

At this time pick Maybe i should cover my face (Will be locked if you don't have the sunglasses)

Talk to Sumire (Required)

Chat with her (Required)

About Sumire

How can i Improve my grades?

About Student Council

How does one get into student council?

About Sakura

Seems you acknowledge her relationship

About Kitamura

He works hard as the student council president


Stare Passionately

Leave the school building

Talk to Sumire

This armband reminds me... (Required)

BAD END (75 points)

Follow Kanou Sumire's ending guide but before leaving the school building

Talk to Kota and Sakura

Clean (Required)

You'll get a discount ticket

Talk to Sumire

She might still be at home (Required)

Read on to get Sumire's second ending

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