ONLY END (70 points)

Follow Minori's entire Normal End guide with one particular change:

On 12/31 after talking to Kitamura and visiting the student council

Talk to Taiga before talking to Noto (Required)

Go to a different room

Clean it (Required)

Wall: Nothing

Sink: Slime ball

Washing Machine: Breast pad

Clean it one more time (Required)

Pillows: DVD (Required)

Bed curtain: Price tag

Floor: nothing

After this follow everything like in the rest of the guide until the courage test

Choose Yellow makes me think of Omelettes (Required)

Talk to Minori

Any of the 3 options works but Gazing or Hugging is quicker

I've seen this before... (Required)

Read the remaining scenes to get a funny ending with Taiga and Minori

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