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Bureaucrats have the most power when it comes to user rights.

Bureaucrats have all of the same powers and responsibilities as administrators, but also have the ability to promote and demote users to administrator, chat moderator, etc. They can also promote users to the bureaucrat position if they wish.

List Of Bureaucrats
Okaminarutofan999 (Semi-Active)

A fairly new and active bureaucrat on this Wiki. Okami has a huge passion with the Wiki and the Toradora! series. She is on the Wiki every day, and does her best to look over the Wiki Activity. Due to her sleeping pattern, she isn't available all the time, but she responds to messages on her message wall as soon as she can. She is not the best at coding, but she is slowly trying to improve.

She plans to always be active on this Wiki, and will always have a huge passion with this series.

Flutterbutter (Semi-Active)

Flutterbutter has been a bureaucrat here for a while, and has just recently come back from hiatus.


Users promoted to the administrator rank are very active and trustworthy users, who have shown their passion with the Wiki and the series.

The administrator's job is to keep the Wiki running smoothly by banning troublemakers, protecting and deleting pages, and helping with CSS and JS. They also have the ability to promote other users to the chat moderator position.

List Of Administrators
MaxiGamer WiiU (Inactive)

Maxi is the Wiki's main coder, and as such, does most of the coding on this Wiki, whether it be templates, CSS, or JS. He is very dependable with his job at coding, and has been the main contributor in making the Wiki look as nice as it does now.

Use for staff members only.
17 sumire kano comanding
This user is an administrator at the Toradora! Wiki.
4 taiga angry
This user is a bureaucrat at the Toradora! Wiki.
27 yusaku kitamura talking
This user is a chat moderator at the Toradora! Wiki.
Yuri smirk
This user has the rollback power at the Toradora! Wiki.

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