E6 - 6 This article contains HEAVY spoilers. Please view at your own risk.

This is the Prologue from Volume 9 of the Toradora! Light Novel series. The text is from Baka-tsuki.


It hurts.

Everything was lit up by that voice.

But the tiny voice was immediately swallowed by the roar of the raging snowstorm. Looking around at the blindingly white world around him, he felt as though he was going to be blown away by the strong winds. He tried to look towards the direction which the voice came from, but the wind that was cutting at his face made it impossible to open his eyes.

Fell down... It hurts.

The weak voice was heard again, but it disappeared almost immediately again. He wanted to find her as quickly as possible, but the sub-zero winds pushed him backwards.

Among the white snow, he discovered her even whiter fingernails.

His eyes came into contact with her small wrists, her diminutive shoulders, and also with her face that was almost covered completely by the snow.

He pushed forward with all his strength, desperate to save her. He pulled his snow boots out of the knee-deep snow with difficulty, and was finally able to grab hold of her fingers with his outstretched hand.


I can't hold on anymore.

It was too late. She slipped away, as if she lost her last bit of support.


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