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Your Song
Episode 3
Name Kanji 君の歌 Kimi no Uta
Animation Director Hiroyuki Furukawa

Masayoshi Tanaka

Screenwriter Mari Okada
Original Air date October 16, 2008
Opening & Ending
Opening Song Pre-Parade
Ending Song Vanilla Salt
Ryūji and Taiga
That Moment's Expression

"Your Song" is the 3rd episode of Toradora! and was first aired on October 16, 2008. The screenwriter for the episode was Mari Okada.


Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu try to change their "friend" status with their crushes. Taiga goes with Ryuuji on one of Minori Kushieda's part-time jobs.

Short Summary

On the way to school, Taiga complains about Ryuuji being nitpicky about the laundry. They walk past a baseball field and observe Minori playing. After Ryuuji's rice cooker breaks, Taiga takes him to a nearby family restaurant where Minori is working part-time. Minori tells him that she has several part-time jobs, but he later wonders if there is a reason why Minori needs money. The next day, Ryuuji and Taiga run into Minori at another of her part-time jobs, and the two help out for the day, despite Taiga wanting to back down from the start. The boss is being unfair towards Taiga by ordering her to carry and deliver beer cases despite her height. To counter her inability to ride a bicycle during a delivery, Taiga pushes the bike along the road. Ryuuji and Minori get locked inside the storehouse, and Ryuuji starts to learn more about why Minori is often so cheerful.

Episode Summary

On their way to school one morning, Ryuuji and Taiga see Minori playing softball. Ryuuji is mesmerized by Minori’s refreshing smile and voice, and when Taiga notices how he’s looking at Minori, she pokes him in the eyes. Ryuuji later finds out that Minori works at decorating cell phones, and she even offers to do one for him. At home, Taiga gets tired of hearing Ryuuji talk to himself about Minori and not listening to her instead, so she kicks him in the stomach. Ryuuji then realizes that their rice cooker is broken, so he and Taiga go to the family restaurant where Minori works part-time.

In fact, Minori also works part-time in a convenience store, a karaoke box, and a shabu-shabu restaurant. She works because she has time and feels that she needs to work, and Taiga once again pokes Ryuuji in the eyes when she sees him admiring Minori. Both of them later discover that Minori is working at a liquor store as well, and the owner needs extra help, so Ryuuji offers himself and Taiga. The owner assigns Taiga to make a delivery, and the beer gets loaded onto a bicycle, but Taiga turns out not to know how to ride one. Because of this, she pushes the bicycle to the destination instead of riding it.

On the return trip, Taiga takes a break after tripping while pushing the bike back. Right as she’s thinking that there was no need for her to work so hard, Kitamura suddenly appears and notices that she’s got a bike with her. He’s surprised that she can ride a bike and knows that she didn’t used to be able to since he had observed her a lot last year. Hearing Kitamura talk about the bike motivates Taiga to try to ride the bike back to the store, and although she falls, she keeps trying.

Because of this, she returns to the store all scraped up and subsequently gets pissed off when the liquor store owner doesn’t know where Minori and Ryuuji went. While Taiga was gone, Ryuuji and Minori had gone out of the storeroom to get some shouchuu, but they end up getting accidentally locked up inside. Minori and Ryuuji at first spend their time singing and then playing softball with empty bottles as bats.

During the latter activity, Ryuuji notices that Minori’s hand is shaking as if out of nervousness or fear, but she denies it, claims that it’d be pointless, and instead declares that she’ll knock out weakness. Minori then notices that there’s a window high above them that they can get through, so they start stacking boxes to get up to it. All this makes Ryuuji realize that the reason Minori always seems to shine is not only because she’s energetic, but also because she believes in knocking out weakness. Unfortunately for Ryuuji, his happiness with Minori is short-lived. As soon as he reaches the window, he sees a pissed off Taiga on the other side staring back in at him, and she kicks him in the face through the wooden bars. This puts Taiga in the storeroom as well, and the ladder she used to get up to the window has now fallen over, stranding all three again.

Characters In Order of Appearance

  1. Ryuuji Takasu
  2. Taiga Aisaka
  3. Minori Kushieda
  4. Yusaku Kitamura
  5. Maya Kihara
  6. Nanako Kashii
  7. Inko
  8. Liquor Shop Manager


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